Into the Weekend

vintage kimono / boudoir - photography by elizabeth messina

See this photo?  It's one of my favorites from my photoshoot with Elizabeth Messina  ( here + here, too!).  It felt luxurious and I felt drenched in peace; plus that kimono!  And anyhow, it's a nice reminder for me to rest; because freak knows I need these reminders, and often.  And another thing, too... I need to let myself really experience these moments of creativity and joy without hiding how good it makes me feel (am I alone with this?  I hope not!).  I think they lead to nice things in life.
Which brings me to the next thing... I'll be taking a break from all social media until at least next Wednesday, maybe Friday; I really don't know.  But I'm giving myself time away after tonight.  So please enjoy these neat links gathered from around the web and know I am very very thankful for all of you readers.  You're awesome.

Funfetti biscotti (is this sacrilege? But it's got rainbow sprinkles!)

Oh this is very funny. (I love the quintessential flower headband)

Pretty sure this was me as a kid... er... and now.

Yeah, that about covers it.

What a lovely guest bedroom.

And this... because it's true.

Have a really wonderful weekend and start to your next week, too, friends.
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