Into the Weekend

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After a week of creative meetings, I'm feeling motivated for all sorts of new possibilities.  Ever since I've let myself even remotely consider branching out my product line all kinds of things started flooding in; new friends, new ideas + concepts, new experiences.  And the interesting thing that's come along with that is the diminishment of fear (or nearly so).  This is all new territory for me and I've really been in love with it.  Anyhow, I'll be working through most of the weekend, trying to meet a deadline for a company I've been designing bracelets for.  It keeps the blood pumping.  I'm also wishing for something magical to happen, just because it would be awesome if it did.  What are you up to?

Here are some fun links gathered from around the web this past week...

How to make cold brew coffee

Pretty outfit

Isn't this bakery lovely?

Tears under a microscope (the variations connected to distinct emotions is fascinating!)

Spiderman ring bearer :)

Lest we forget...

Have a good weekend, friends.

[vintage trailer]
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