The Dreamiest Dream Home

To be clear, I love my home.  I don't want to come across as unappreciative because that would be a bummer.  It's really sweet (and really tiny- but like the kind of tiny that would work perfectly for a hobbit or a smaller person who can navigate through the floor plan without knocking into everything.) but I feel very thankful for this space. 

When my place was featured on A Beautiful Mess it helped me to hone in on the most special parts of it; the light, the comfort, the creative potential, the lovely history.  It's been a gift in so many unexpected and uncanny ways.  It's been a good home for this stage in my life, so thumbs up to that.

Now that I'm single and dreaming of the possibilities of what's next, I can't help but think of the home I'd love to live and create in.  The neat thing is, it's not too much different from where I currently live.  But I do crave more space to have gatherings of friends and the occasional party (I maybe love throwing parties a little too much.).  That said, I also need a space of solitude and peace for all kinds of special things.  So this new home would be a combination of those extremes.  I think I'm up for the challenge of pulling that off.  Anyhow, here's a look into some inspiration for the dreamiest of dream homes.  Ready?

The Kitchen: (I like it happy, welcoming, cozy, and light)

The Bedroom: (I like it uncluttered, simple, light-filled)

The Living/Dining Room: (I like it inviting, comfortable; with pops of color and beautiful things to look at)

The Bathroom: (I like an awesome shower and a perfect vintage claw foot tub... and, if I'm dreaming extra hard, black and white tile.)

The Kids' Room: (or in my case, and depending on how things turn out, a sleepover + play room for the nieces/nephews/friends' children... happy, light, cozy, dreamy and, with all due respect, free from a bombardment of disney.)

(I did a post on my favorite children's space here, if you'd like to look.)

The Studio / Work Space: (white, pops of color, peaceful, inspiring)

and a quiet little attic space...

Outdoor Space: (for relaxing, entertaining, enjoying life... like the first photo of this post.)

 and if I'm really dreaming...

That pretty much covers it.  Any favorites?  What do you love in your home or want to someday enjoy?

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