A Room of Their Own: Spaces for Children


Something that many of you might not know is that I worked with children for years before I went full time with my business.  I nannied, I worked with families who were having behavioral challenges with their children, I taught in public and private schools, I taught/created art with young children in schools and in their homes.  It was something I thought I'd do forever until it wasn't; until the draw toward creating on my own became the more powerful pull.  

But some things stuck with me; like the spaces children dream and create in.  I think they are so vital.  In fact, as a young child navigating through a life after my mother passed away, in a world of several older siblings who were all doing their own thing, my little nook of a space was what saved me, I think.  It was my safe haven, a refuge from a world I felt lost in, a space for me to dream and hope and wish in.  It was my own special world where I was able to create a scenario of beauty and happiness and peace that, and this is the key, ultimately manifested into my life today.  I had the space to imagine and dream and fantasize about all sorts of lovely things and I believe that set me up for a life well lived years later.  These spaces are powerful for all of us, at any age, but for children... vital.

And anyway, I love these children's rooms, don't you?


If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear about your space as a child or the rooms of your own child/children.

[all rooms via my pinterest board]
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