Make 30/ DIY Confetti Stix

I've got confetti on the brain a lot lately (a lot).  You know how you all of a sudden crave a certain kind of food, said to mean your body needs the particular nutrients that are in that food?  I sort of think that's what happening with me and confetti.  I'm craving celebrations and color.

I've been planning a party for Sebastian's tattoo shop's 10th Anniversary.  I love that I'm still a part of the shop family even after our divorce.  This place makes me happy.  I've met so many of my friends there and am so looking forward to celebrating the past decade with them and the next decades to come.  It makes me realize how very much I love creating get-togethers, feasts, raging parties.  Love it.  The boys at the shop would kill me if I brought these confetti sticks in, so I'll just have to plan another party to make them for.

But you?  Will you make these for something fun?  Or maybe just the very act of making them will create the fun.  It's a thought.
Here's the full confetti stix diy over at best friends for frosting.  Live it up, peeps!
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