Into the Weekend

I'm about to head out for the day to take Mars the Dog for his afternoon stroll and then sit for a reading of a friend's play in a very pretty old-style theater (I look forward to nestling into the velvet seats!).  Then maybe dinner with another friend, if I can muster up the energy in the midst of (still) S/S 2014 collection prep and publication pitches.  It's a productive + fruitful time.  I don't mind it.  But I would like a decent night's sleep, so I'll aim for that.  

(What are you up to this weekend?)

For you, some fun links collected this week from around the web...

Add this one to my movie list post from the other day.

Have you seen this sweet family's video series?  Adorable.

Rainbow whole-fruit ice pops. (a healthier version of otter pops, though I'll miss my blue stained tongue and lips.)

Have yourselves a good weekend, friends.

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