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It's that time of year again, you guys.  This is when I start to feel massive nostalgia for winter in the northeast.  And while I'm not a fan of traveling during this season, I do tend to go inside myself, all dream like, and have the compulsion to nest the bejeezus out of my home... bringing in bits and pieces of nature and sparkling light to recreate an authentic-as-possible adaption of a snowy and serene winterscape, as the peoples are wont to do this time of year.  I'm not alone in this, I understand.  But it feels like a very personal process, doesn't it?  Put on the old records... pop pop pop.  Sip a warm drink... like this one.  Step back, dive in... create.

It's especially something important to me this year.  This space is new to me; hopeful, sacred.  Somehow I still feel lucky.  Blessed, even (aren't we all though?).  This new phase is keeping me on my toes, I won't deny that.  But, my gosh, have I learned so much about who I am... my flaws are prominent.  But, you know what?  My strengths are far greater.  This I had no idea about until I was given the opportunity to need to access them.  Stumble stumble... win.  Stumble stumble stumble... win.  That's been life these days and those little wins carry me forward with more peace than I ever knew was possible.  So this season is one of building on my foundation and trusting myself.  What a life.

This week I'm bringing in pine and vintage ornaments.  I'm going to soothe myself.  I've decided to not promote my shop this month (have you heard about the truly messed up human behavior at places like Walmart on Black Friday?  I want no part of that.  So if it means less sales for me, so be it.  Peace and thankfulness for more simplicity is the way I'm choosing to go.).  I've also decided to write more.  It's been pulling me; grabbing at my insides and stirring up insights; compelling a new sense of purpose.  I have no idea where it'll take me, if anywhere significant, but here I go anyway.

Onward to a brand new, blank slate, wide open week... enjoy a good one, friends.

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