Happy Weekend

materials / fabric - catherine masi

This is what I'll be doing for most of the weekend- making hair flowers and headbands from these materials; prepping for the Holiday line due out in November.  There will be even more materials, too, but I'll be sure to snap a photo or two when I'm working with those next week.  This sort of thing makes my heart flip.

Then I'm taking a break and heading out for a party on Saturday night to swig down a Shirley Temple or two and maybe dance around a little.  We'll see.

For you, some links that you might enjoy...

What pretty copper pots (for a pretty penny).

This made me laugh.  I wish I could be BFFs with the writers of The Onion.

What a cool dad.

When will we ever learn?

Gosh, I really like this song.

Have a good weekend, friends.
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