ways to follow

Part of the changes around here involve where I'm sharing details of my work + life.  I've decided to cut back on posting on my shop Facebook page and focus the majority of my social media time here on this blog, on my Instragram, and on Pinterest.  At least until the next wave comes along :)

Here are some behind-the-scenes from Instagram (follow along HERE, if you'd like) - the photo above is me with my littlest buddy, Ruby, and the one below is from a wall in my office.

And most of my Pinterest images are not my own photos, but are still great sources of inspiration gathered from around the web.  It's my happy place (if I were not having a picnic in a field by the ocean or dancing around wildly... or, better yet, dancing around in a field by the ocean while enjoying a picnic.  Pinterest comes in at a close second to that.)

Here are a couple of my recent favorites...

That's it, for now.  Happy Sunday, Friends!
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