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Along with the news I shared a couple of weeks ago, I'd love to fill you in on some changes with my business + work, if you'd like to read on.

Six years ago, I went full-time with my company; quit my job teaching and made the leap into being a full-time (x10) self-employed small business owner. And it has been a trip. 

One of the many things I am thankful for in the years that Sebastian and I were married, is how much he helped me to build my business. The lessons I've learned have shaped where I now stand with my work and I feel really lucky to have been given a clearer understanding of what I hope to do and become.  So here's where I'm heading, both with my work and personally...


Redefining the shop. I'm scaling back on bridal pieces.  I've told a few friends about this decision and I get, "WHA..?!  BUT...!!!" because it's been the bread and butter for much of the time I've been designing.  I'm taking a risk here but in order to allow myself more creative freedom, I've decided to scale down the custom work and create a finely selective cluster of limited-production bridal headpieces.  This allows me more space to develop a line of accessories that broadens into a wider audience and, too, the time for other creative work (more on that below) .  It's been pretty fun exploring ideas and possibilities.  And I'm hopeful you'll see a more distinctive brand appeal in the coming months.  (The new shop and line will be available by September 1st.  In the meantime, if you'd like to poke around, there's a huge clearance sale going on over at the shop.)

More writing. Something I hadn't known of myself is how much I enjoy writing.  Maybe I more enjoy thinking, but the challenge of getting all of those rampant thoughts out of my mind and onto paper (or the computer) really makes for a kind of centering I didn't know I craved until I started doing it on a regular basis. This is leading to more opportunities for growth on this blog, for freelance creative writing work, and for digging deeper into some book ideas I've had spinning around in my head.  I'm excited about this, you guys.  I am.  I have no idea where or if this will go further, but I'm wanting to make a go of it.  So far, so good.

Style + design collaborations. I've more recently opened my life up to style + design projects and collaborations. Working from home and doing my own thing is remarkable and awesome, but can sometimes feel isolating.  So the decision to explore work with other creative thinkers out there has been exactly what I've been needing to balance things out.  Much of this work is under-wraps for the time being and some I'll be sharing with you here over the next several months; all of which, I hope, will help me to evolve as an artist.


Rest.  The goal here is to allow myself the space to enjoy where I am without always striving to be and do.  That constant striving sometimes makes me forget to breathe and be at peace with the life I'm currently living.  I have to be conscious of this because it would truly suck if I miss the flow of opportunities that naturally come from this place of letting everything go and staring at a blank wall for a little while (I do this.  It really helps.  No kidding.)

Solitude.  I realize that I just, not two paragraphs ago, stated how I need to get out of isolation and work with others, and that's still true, but hear me out for a second. Now that I'm on my own again, I am feeling this sort of inner battle.  On the one hand, I am comfortably independent.  I don't mind going out to eat, to see a band or a movie solo.  Never had a problem with that.  But now that I'm on my own again, the silence and lack of movement around me in my new home has been glaringly obvious.  It's me, my materials, my space, my mind, my incessant desire for coffee.  So this is what I've noticed: 1. I have great conversations with myself. 2. I dance around a lot.  A lot. and 3. I'm learning to embrace the new path I've been offered.  It's right here for me to make something of; I'd like to be sure to not let the hugeness of the gentle reminders of living a good life pass me by.  I humbly allude to the great female writers Anais Nin, May Sarton, and Virginia Woolf in this notion of solitude.  I trust that good and powerful things come of it.

I guess that's pretty much it for now.  Maybe there will be some updates along the way, but for now I'll appreciate the brightness surrounding me; the sunshine (thank you, California), the influx of ideas, the love.  But mostly, I appreciate that I am finally understanding I don't have to feel guilty for feeling any of it.

Thanks for reading, friends.  These sort of posts help me to process much of my thoughts.  I hope you could take something somewhere out of this, too.

[business card photo taken from this style shoot]
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