love what you do - steve jobs

Are you a believer in this?  I sure am.  

My two cents on the matter:  Do something big or anything small that makes you feel alive and hopeful and wildly excited for what might come next.  It's a good lesson for work + career.  Even in my less inspiring jobs of the past, there was always something I looked forward to every time I went in.  It might not have been something huge and celebratory but it got me through some exhausting/overworked days with a few good happenings thrown in.   As a teacher with children, what kept me going was how much they just wanted to be heard and loved.  So I always made sure to show up at work ready to take the time to listen and to let them know how awesome they are.  Every day there was at least one child needing this, so I made it my priority.  Those experiences made me a better person.

Find what you love in your everyday work and do more of it.  Try it.  And let me know what sort of awesome things start to happen.

This morning, I'm off to a photoshoot for the new Style series starting up next week.   Fun collaborations with talented friends- another thing I love about my career.  Feeling thankful.

p.s. The comments section is back open + hopefully working!  Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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