Drink / Thyme, pear, and honey cocktail...

I woke up at 6am this morning with the words, "Zut Alors!" in my head.  I have no clue where this came from, but after I got my sleepy brain and body up and out of bed, I for some reason went onto Facebook (don't do this first thing in the morning.  Probably a better way to start the day would be to have a tea or coffee and gaze out the window for a bit, but anyhow...).  Wouldn't you know it that the first post I saw on my news feed said, "Zoot all ores, we're in Paris!"  I take this as some sort of sign.  

Then I saw this cocktail and thought to myself, "Oh my!"  I think there's the connection and that a recipe for this thyme-kissed pear-infused honey syrup gin cocktail was destined to come into my life.

Anyone want to whip one of these up for me this evening?  I'll pay you with a great big loopy hug.
Zut alores, friends!
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