This book: Many Stories: The Point of the Needle

I've mentioned my husband on this blog here and there, but have I shared that Sebastian is a tattoo artist who also just got his first book published?  I'm so proud of all he does because he puts his entire self into any project that comes his way.  He's no slacker, but he also knows when to slow down.  He's got a pretty good balance there.  And he's a really smart person- which I extra love.

His new book, Many Stories: The Point of the Needle, is a recollection of sorts of his first 20 years of tattooing.  His stories and insights are very funny, compelling, and intense.  I love this book for many reasons (I've read it over in drafts about 100 times) but it's also such an easy read.  

It's now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.  If you buy it, I'd love to know what you think. I'm also mentioned in it and there are a few photos of the tattoo work he's done on me (including the cover image)- so if you're curious about that it's a good way to have a peek.

Be back soon with another post before my week round-up in photos.
Until then...
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