Road trip!


That's me.  I'm feeling pretty content in that shot because 1. it was a beautiful day and a beautiful overlook and 2. I went with my boys (Sebastian and J) for a road trip up North.  We had this in the works a bit ahead of time since they had to both plan for the day off to close up shop, but I had no idea the kind of joy this afternoon would bring.  Nothing big, nothing fancy... just a great day with people I love. (Poor Mars had to stay home).  Here's a peek from my viewpoint in the back of J's '53 Chevy...

Going through a tunnel!

Then we got to our destination (Guadalupe) and had a bite to eat.  
I had a Tecate with lime (my new favorite)...

We saw this awesome dog all over town.  This would normally worry me, but the little guy was well groomed, had a collar, and knew his way around.  He also looked damn happy and free, so this time I didn't stop to make sure a loose pup found his home.  I think the whole town is his home.

Then we stopped at this lookout with a perfect Santa Barbara view on our way home...


Sebastian and J looking like hoodlums, but really they're very nice boys. 

J's car from the outside...


 Sebastian took this one of me after a little walk around Gaudalupe.  I was feeling mellow.  Could have been the beer (one bottle.  I'm a lightweight.).

Life is good.

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