This week: old friends, headpieces, tattoos...

Been a loopy week.  It's the sort of passing of time that makes me feel that, for sure, it must have been longer.  But no, I packed a whole bunch of different stuff into the past several days and still managed to make a lot of headway with shop work.  A fulfilling week, all in all, I think.

First, here's Mars in his Sunday morning sunshine...

mars the dog in his sunshine

Some publications I'm working with for press (fingers crossed!)...

bridal magazines

I'm enjoying taking these details shots of headpieces for customers' orders...

feather and beaded headpiece - catherine masi

silk flower hair accessory - catherine masi

feather and beaded headpiece - catherine masi

On Valentine's day (which we don't typically really get wrapped up in), Sebastian tattooed me.  Here I am  working through the pain in my head.  It's kind of empowering...

sebastian orth and catherine masi - tattooing

 and here's the spot he just tattooed (the snake's body is still in progress)

catherine masi tattoo by sebastian orth

And then this.  A yummy meal...
poached eggs with avaocado and swiss cheese on toast

...with these two wonderful people, on a visit the three of us shared.  Laurie is a beautiful friend, met after I first moved to town while I was working with children (her three included).  Noah, now 13 (14?), is the exact sort of son I would love to have... sweet, personable, smart, adorable, funny, witty, and socially aware (just like his mom).  
I really really adore them... (much like these two)

catherine masi and friends

And then a few links from around the web that you might enjoy:

I can't get over this piglet in a wheelchair.

Which definition of love do you most relate to? 

Enjoy a great weekend, friends.
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