Once Upon a Time/ 8

This past week was spent trying to wind down after the photoshoot + collection launch, catching up on orders, reorganizing, and making time for some special friends...

This is my friend, Hillary.  She's sweet + adorable + laughs at everything I say that I think is funny, but that no one else laughs at.  She's also a great mom.  She's a beauty + a keeper.

I know it's silly + not economical, but I got all starstruck and ended up buying this awesome hard cover journal to use for writing down my orders.   I should just get a traditional income/expenses booklet or use Quickbooks, but- aw, man- this is so pretty!

I recently received a custom order for a lace belt for a bride's wedding dress.  These were my initial notes on the design.  It was a cute one to create.

 That's me + Carly.  Carly is Hillary's smart, beautiful, and admirable daughter.  I babysat her (!!!) when I first moved to California and, let me tell you, she was a strong + confident little girl and to see how she's still kept her core strengths in her 19 year old self is totally inspiring.

mars the dog

... and then Mars the Dog.  He's so wonderful.

Until next time...
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