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For this Q+A, I'm meshing three different questions into this one post, since they can - and often do- relate to each other.  So, here goes...

Question from Kylie: "You seem to keep so positive in your blog!  Do you have many bad days?"

Question from Tamara: "What do you do when you get a rude or demanding customer?"

Question from Jenn: "Does having your own business cause problems in your marriage?  If so, how do you cope?"

Answer: Heck yeah, I have bad days.  But there is something I've noticed in this stage of my life.  My bad days have morphed into a more contained few hours or, better still, a matter of minutes.  But that doesn't mean they don't creep back in from time to time.
  I wear my heart on my sleeve and tend to put my whole self into everything I do...  work, relationships, community, etc., and so on. This is all well and great until my expectations of myself and others leave me feeling frustrated.  I found that my "bad" days are really pretty fascinating and, more often than not, offer a wake up call.  Once I realized that I'm accountable for my own life and what I let in and out, I no longer hang out too long in the space of blaming others for how I feel and that's incredibly empowering.  It also means I can shift gears whenever I damn well please... which often requires stepping out of the room I'm in and taking a breather: take the dog for a walk, make some tea, read a chapter in a book, peek through Pinterest, or even just sit quietly in the living room.  Little things, at least for me, make such a huge difference.  And then I am usually able to get back on track + mostly with the support of Sebastian...

That guy is the most logical person I know while also managing to be loving and astoundingly patient.  I don't know how he puts up with the emotion I tend to carry, but he does and I am very very thankful for that.  So, yes, of course, having my own business adds an interesting layer to the marriage... especially since he also has his own business, but we are extremely communicative with each other, so nothing goes uncared for.  My suggestion is to harbor nothing, choose your battles, hug it out, and make it a point to go for a walk together each day (we do every evening with the dog).

Now, as far as customers are concerned, I am happy to share that though I interact with a lot of brides, I have never ever encountered a single "bridezilla", nor have any one of my customers been nasty.  I received one negative feedback in the past five years and that was from a customer who didn't read the product description.  I learned a few things about that experience.  1. Write simpler but informative descriptions. and 2. Realize that regardless of how much I try to work with someone to remedy an issue, sometimes they don't want a solution, just more drama in their lives.  And that's their deal, not mine.  Oh, and ... 3. I am very very blessed to have such awesome customers.  No kidding.

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