Once Upon a Time / 6

I thought I had a hangover that lasted five days (I assure you this is not a usual happening for me), but really it was a flu/ bug of some bizarre variety that slowly took over my body with aches + pains and a god forsaken headache that wouldn't quit.  No amount of vitamin c and water would kick it and the one theraflu I took made me feel like I was on acid, so it was an interesting weekend and beginning to my week.
That said, I was thankfully able to get some things accomplished and, over the past couple of days got out and about again during the day. 

Mars the Dog loves Sebastian's grandma's yard (so do we).  It's a park-like setting, nothing too landscaped- just a whole lot of space for him to do his dopey run and chase his beloved tennis ball. 

I've been seriously craving an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles (see this previous post for proof).  So on our walk the other day, we stopped at a crazily expensive ice cream shop down the street and got a cone for $17.00 (not really, but it's not that far off).   Mars REALLY wanted a chomp at it.  I gave him kisses (which he didn't care for in that moment because, let's face it, he has a one track mind.)
By the way, do you kiss your dog/cat/rabbit on the lips?  I veer away from that.  Instead, I give him eskimo kisses + kisses on his ears + blown kisses + mass amounts of hugs.

Now, very important, check out these lace bandeaux (from Voet Hosiery ).  I wore them the other day + holy geez love them.  Instant sprucing up of my worn shoes.

Some pieces I made this week ... the laces above + below are vintage and antique, respectively.  The one below is from Paris, circa 1920. It's also being used in a one of a kind design for my next collection, due out in two weeks.  Lucky bride.

Until next time...
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