Into the weekend...

Last night we had a thunderstorm.  Those don't come around here too often.  And all I could think, as I stared into the the night from my cozy bed, was that I couldn't wait for the morning so I could see how green and alive the world looks after such a much needed rain.  Rainy days are pretty incredible... especially if they don't appear frequently.  They make me want to get lots of things done.  I also don't feel guilty if I take time to sip tea and watch from the window as the rushes of nature do their thing .  Right now, the rain has momentarily ceased and I hear birds tweeting as they do.  I never ever become desensitized to this sort of beauty.  And never take it for granted.
This weekend, I'll first be processing batch orders (my favorite part is gift wrapping them) and then I've got a little painting I want to start on and then I'll be visiting with a friend.  
Have a magical one, friends.

Photo found HERE.
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