I so want to share some photos of this custom bouquet that I recently completed.  And there are a few reasons why I'm sharing...

1. I got to use vintage lace (really truly vintage... like from the bride-to-be's mother's own wedding veil circa 1960) and great great great vintage brooches AND wonderful buttons.  Gasp!!!

2. I also had the chance to use various parts of my brain that I wasn't aware even existed in the process of designing and then constructing it.  My gosh... intense... but a total blast. 

3. SUCH a lovely bride-to-be.  She made this process a total pleasure.

I'm a bit bummed though,  and only because I wasn't especially skilled at taking a good full scope shot of the bouquet.  But here are some angles to give you an idea...

and here are the bridesmaids hair adornments that were a part of the order, as well...
Will, hopefully, have some wedding photos to share of these pieces in action in another month or two.

Do I love my job?  Yes.  Yes, I do.
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