Into the weekend... Love

(Evolve Studio's *Love is in the Air*)

Here's to love every day of your life.

Here's to slobbery kisses from your dog.
To a great warm hug and holding hands with a toddler.
To a door held by a stranger.
To a smile from an elderly couple walking hand in hand.
Here's to art that makes your heart flip and eye contact from a handsome stranger that makes your belly flip.
To red skirts and turquoise stockings.
To the freedom to marry the person you love.
To kisses on the forehead and behind the ear and on the lips.
To lounging in your favorite spot, drenched in full sunshine.

Here's to love, in its many appearances, every single day of your life...


p.s. If you're "one of those" people who will be scrambling for a last minute Valentine's gift at CVS at 9:02pm on Sunday night, consider opting, instead, for a Ciara Obscura gift certificate.  I suspect that might win her over a tiny bit more than would, say, that stiff teddy bear holding a little balloon and a heart shaped box of Russel Stover chocolates. Though I can certainly appreciate the cheesy class of such a gift.

Enjoy a beautiful and love filled weekend and always...
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