Top Five Tuesday:: Gasp worthy findings

There are some things I come across in my daily *research* that makes me gasp... and, by gasp worthy, I mean it wakes me up, makes my heart burst, stills me.
Here are my picks from recent discoveries:

1. Perfect serenity from Pascal Shirley Photography

2. This cool before/after project from photographer Irina Werning: (click here to see more)

3. Oh my.  Something cute and so sexy from BHLDN :

4. The Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC is something special ( I want to sit in those cozy blue velvet window booths and sip port) and somewhat overwhelming (I can't help but freak out over those five zillion light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in the second photo below.  Here's hoping for no earthquakes.).  I'd totally take it all, though. (Initial link from DesignLoveFest)

5. And these extraordinary invitations from Royal Steamline...wow.

Off to discover more gasp worthy goodies...
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