Into the weekend...

Rainy and chilly... but still so cozy.  This is a California winter and I'm loving it.  So much evolved over this past week and I'm happy to share that my word for the week, Align, was spot on.  After some slips and frustrations, I went with it all and everything rested in its place beautifully (more press this week!  Check out the Ciara Obscura Press page, which will have ongoing additions.)  I'm still preparing for the upcoming Spring collection photo shoot and I've been working with a film company who has shown interest in creating a sweet little documentary on me- a kind of behind the scenes with the designer.  I'm simultaneously terrified and giddy about this process and the final product.  It should be released in late March... will keep you posted.  For now, I continue to get wildly inspired...

Here are some fabulous finds to take you into the weekend:

* These cool books found on Svpply

* How genius are these blank slate globes from Blue Bell Bazaar?!  Defeats the purpose?  Hell, I say create your own world.
* You know how some people just stand at the crosswalk repeatedly pressing the walk button, over and over and over, when one press is all a person needs to tell the timer that you're there waiting to cross?  You know those people?  Well, I'd rather if they spend the annoying habit on something, it may as well be for the better good.  Like this from We Heart It.

I'm about to whip up some hot cocoa and nestle into this rainy day.  What are you up to this weekend?

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