Word for the Week:: Quiet

 (Vintage photo from And So Forth)

This kind of cracks me up, especially because one of my new year's promises is to speak less... which cracks me up even more.  I'm a talker.  I think I've got important things to say and share, but really I just can't shut it sometimes.  But then there are occasions when I love the silence, love sitting back and observing and have no inclination whatsoever to even whisper a single word.  It's pretty great, those moments, and I want to savor that feeling of awe and peace this week.
So: *Quiet* is the first ever official Ciara Obscura blog post word for the week.

My word for the year? *Actualize.*
Dreams, all the wonder and awe I've envisioned and created in my head, I'm now open to all of that rolling at my feet.
I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime... I will bask in the silence, the quiet...and I'm loving that as I'm typing this, a loud LOUD leaf blower is blasting outside my window.  A perfect opportunity to learn to find the quiet amidst the noise.
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