Change is good.

 (Paris is a Feeling, photo by Irene Suchocki)
I resist change.  I am a change resister.  It's kind of the opposite of a revolutionary- except that I happen to be an odd mix of one who likes being stuck in the past with the good kind of tradition (the past being, say circa 1910 or 1930ish) and one who thrives in the unconventional.  So when I say I'm not partial to change, what really ends up happening every single time is that I resist and hesitate and proceed with caution, but I always end up saying, "Ah screw it." and dive in.  I just like to know my little home and my special peeps are there when I return from my adventures.  And they always are.  And we continue to make art and drink tea and welcome the bits of change itty bitty bits at a time.

What the hell am I getting at?

I'm ready to change up this blog some.  Give it more direction and purpose.  That's the plan anyway.
And so I'm giving each day of the week a role.  Like this:
* Monday, you are a good day to help me get my brain in motion.  I'd like to try to keep Monday as the day to come up with an inspiring (or random) word for the week ahead.  A reminder, a hope, a push, a vocabulary lesson... something like that.
* Tuesday, you will be my day to share a Top Five list.  Maybe I will share 5 snazzy design tips or 5 favorite places to travel or my current 5 songs I have on repeat or 5 ways to score a free adornment from Ciara Obscura... and so on.
* Wednesday, you are often referred to as hump day.  I think that's creepy.  How about from now on, you are personal story day or personal photo day?  Less creepy?  I'll aim for less creepy.
* Thursday, you are SO close to the weekend but we still need some nudging to get there.  Thursdays are good days for sharing design inspiration and behind the design happenings. 
* And Friday, you are a very very fine day to remind us all to slow the hell down.  This will be the day I'll share really cool things I've come across during the week... a great photo, a stylin' outfit, a fantastic book, an awesome blog.  This will ease you into your weekend.

Saturday and Sunday, you will respect my need to not blog.

So I start tomorrow, Monday.
Let's hope this kind of change is a neat one.  Fingers crossed.  Ready...?  I am.
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