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 (New Shoes by Jane Heller)

"The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.  It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet"
(Franz Kafka)

That quote above... right there is my new year's resolution.  How? You ask. There is no action, no place for active changing or doing.  But that's exactly my point.  I resolve to let the goodness flow in by doing absolutely nothing but being still and calm and then by dancing and laughing. 

2010 was an interesting year for me in terms of finding my calm, delving inward, understanding my reactions and responses to life and gently reprogramming my brain to welcome prosperity, free from resistance.  Cheesy?  You bet.  But part of 2010 also helped me to say, "to hell with it."  I'm surrounding myself with only good and kind and inspiring people and even more awe-inspiring experiences. 

(Leiden Castle Lookout
 by Miss Quite Contrary)

And while 2010 marked the passage of these milestones...
* Learning to remedy failures and mess ups and mistakes and slight humiliations to the best of my abilities but then leave them far far far behind and move the heck on.
* Removing the need to give my opinion- unless asked- and then offer it with no expectations.
(the above two will be ongoing challenges, of course, but have been effectively instilled, nonetheless)
* My company has expanded with such intent and clarity that I am finally proud of what I'm creating.  That said, I so look forward to what unfolds with this expansion in 2011.
* Embracing the unconventional possibilities in my own life.  Huge.

 (A Catch by Sabina R)
... in 2011 I am now ready to...
* Bring my company's success up a good solid notch or two- radiant designs, dynamic photography, more widespread press, more time for me to step back and revel in what has been achieved.  
* That said, I really really want a few days off this year... and an all fixed up, all beautiful vintage bicycle.
* The aforementioned unconventional possibilities becoming euphoric realities.
* and welcoming the less than perfect kind of perfect.
* oh... and learning to take much deeper breaths.

Thank you to my closely knit peoples who have loved and supported me and made me laugh amidst some great discomfort this year.  I am so in awe of just how incredible you are.

2011... Bring it!
(Ahead Only by Flying Whale)

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