Aaaaand... I'm pooped.

 (twinkle by irene suchocki)

After the first of the year my Etsy shop will be cleared of past collections (all except the Fall/Winter) to, symbolically I suppose, make way for a whole new rush of designs for the Spring. Everything is 25% off with this code ( SHOP2010 ) until December 31st (includes sale items- does not include custom orders). The main website will, essentially, stay the same, but my process over the next two months will be to streamline, further simplify and fine tune all in an effort to further enhance the Ciara Obscura aesthetic and brand.

With each new collection I work on comes a boat load of heart thumping anticipation for the unfolding.  This time is no different.  I love love love putting together designs.  I do.  The possibilities make my head go crazy (crazier) and it's only when I start to hone in on the details and materials that I think, "Holy geez, I can't believe I get to do this for a living!"  I'm not kidding.  I get this feeling every single time.  And I'm glad I do- otherwise, what's the point of doing it.

So there's only so much I can share as far as a sneak peek goes at this point, but here's a little heads up:
* I'm bringing my silver work jewelry back... both the bold and the ... er... lesser bold.
* Hair adornments that'll make you wonder why in the heck you don't just wear one every day of your life.
* Vamped up, high end designs for the bridal world and glammed up world alike.
* More floral bouquets...

This week ahead will be me and a blank wall to stare at because I need nothing in my head after this Holiday rush.  Oh but first I need to complete an order of a variation on this and an order of this.  And then it's just me and that wall for a few days.

Enjoy a safe and festive New Year's Eve!
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