Going for the gold.

I've faked a $500 shopping spree, but this time I'm going for the gold... or silver... or multi-colored and phenomenal... $1,000 pretend, but real to my mind, shopping spree.  Here we go!

This swimsuit from LA Drama Queen.  And, yeah, I'll totally just wear this around the house.

Such feathered prettiness from Golly Bard

Holy wow... I adore this brooch from Swan Bones

These sweet things from Toad Lillie 

Vintage compacts from Sadie Olive

Colorful clay (for the forever kid in me) from MamaK's

These salt and pepper shakers from Acero Studio

Roadside awesomeness

Because I think I will always feel free and way alive on a carnival swing (photo by Bomo Bob)

NEEEEEEED this number from Violetville Vintage

 Enjoy a lovely weekend.  It's rainy and kind of crummy here, but nothing that a tasty cup o' hot cocoa can't fix.
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