Random things.

I've enjoyed reading, lately, posts listing random facts shared from the person, about the person.
It's kind of a little voyeuristic, but still. I like.

I suppose Facebook and Twitter and Myspace and Flickr already offer that inside glimpse. Difference here is... I'd hope this extra slice of authenticity marks the line between masked social networking and a person's true soul. Let's see if I can share some bits of randomness that maybe I wouldn't on, say, my Facebook post.

Here goes...

* I love spiders. Love them. I can watch them for hours. When I was in college, a friend was terrified of them. I mean, panic attacks, nightmares, past life whathaveyous... all of it. So one time, in the middle of the night, she called. Frantic. I had to run across campus to rid her bathroom of a spider. She told me to kill it, right then and there, so she could see it was dead. Couldn't do it. So I took it outside, made a little bed of leaves and sticks for it and set it free. The spider was very happy. My friend... not so much.

* Vintage aprons are my guilty pleasure. I wear them daily at home. Other guilty pleasure: Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. Other guilty pleasure: Listening to cheesy meditation music.

* I'm embarrassed to be seen inside of gas guzzlers. I had to, once, get a ride from a friend who had a Lincoln Navigator. Mortified. Same goes for being seen inside cars that are way too expensive and fancy. Or being a passenger in a car- especially in one of the aforementioned vehicles- where the driver is rude to other drivers, cyclists and/or pedestrians. I feel like I need to, then, overcompensate for it all by donating to a charity or going out of my way to hold doors for people.

* I fantasize about a lot of highly inappropriate stuff that I absolutely will not share here, but I also fantasize about telling people off. Full on, played out scenarios in my head.

* I can be passive-aggressive. But I'm now learning to just be more assertive.

* I did not choose my own wedding dress. It was a gift from one of my brothers and my sister. And, though it was not what I would have , necessarily, picked for myself, I wore it and felt loved in it. I also was so concerned about keeping the guests waiting that I forgot to put a flower in my hair. I wear something in my hair every single day, but neglected to put one in that day because I was worried about keeping others waiting. I think I was the complete opposite of a bridezilla.

* I could listen to Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea five million times over and still tear up at the end of that song. Same goes for Ben Fold's The Luckiest and The Cure's Treasure.

* Witty men make my heart flip.

* A week or so before my mom died, she told me to look for a rainbow on my birthday. That when I saw it, I would know she was with me, celebrating. That was in February. In August, it was my 7th birthday. I woke up, put on my scuffed up yellow and white sneakers and went outside. There was a rainbow stretched across the sky.

* I've been a vegetarian for 15 years, advocate for animal welfare and am beyond heartbroken when I see a documentary on slaughterhouses, but I salivate every time I smell bacon.

* I can't lie.

* It just takes one genuine smile from a stranger to make my day.

* I dream less about traveling or going out 'til all hours of the night watching bands play these days and more about sitting in a garden while drinking tea.

That should do.
I'd love to hear your own random self facts. Share.

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