Life's perks...

The perk about being an adult is that you can dictate when and where candy will be consumed into your own body. Also, no one is telling you (with any degree of success anyway), how much of said candy you can eat. Same thing for staying up late, reading off the hook books or watching trashy bizarre movies, and eating special brownies while doing so.
Those are the perks.
These are the un-perks of being an adult: Being responsible for our actions. Figuring out how to not be so fucked up in the face of these responsibilities and actions. And giving into the process of learning to just not give a crap.

My problem has always been that I think too much. Worry too much. Worry about how other people are feeling... too much. I sometimes forget about my own ability and freedom to live my life with that same certainty of carefree abandon as occasionally taking part in those aforementioned perks of being an adult.

I'm not an ass. I'm actually probably too nice. So these perks, literal or -even better- metaphorically speaking- could probably be more commonplace in my life. In yours. Maybe start owning that right a little more.

That said, I'm off to consume a chunk of chocolate as part of my breakfast of champions of coffee and toast.
And maybe I'll hunt down some cotton candy for later.

Ah life.

Photo Credit (girl with rainbow over the knee socks): She Hit Pause Studios
Photo Credit (candy): Stoopid Gerl
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