Feel like taking a wee survey?

I, like so many of you, am feeling pretty helpless when it comes to doing my part for the Haiti earthquake community, and, too, now with the latest news of those impacted in the recent Chile quake. Then it dawned on me that I could make one design from the Spring collection the chosen piece to allocate a percentage of each sale to be given to Direct Relief International. I admire this organization for its ability to respond quickly and effectively with disaster relief locally, nationally and internationally.

So, for the month of March, I will raise funds from the proceeds of said design, but will need your help in choosing which piece will best represent and appeal to a greater population for this purpose.

Lend an opinion?

These are the possible options:

* Hope Chest ring...

* Traditional pendant in Lucky Horseshoe...

* Angelic bobby pins...

Please cast your vote in the comment section below.
I'll announce the most voted on design by Thursday.
Thank you bunches, peeps!
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