Stuff that restores my faith in humanity...

It's been a rough few weeks. Not so much because things are going "wrong", but more because I've paid way too much attention to the news and whacked out media crap and so on and it led me into that feeling of powerlessness. It just knocked me out. And even though I have this tendency to be judgmental or come from a place of fear, I am- conversely- maybe a little too hopeful and optimistic most of the time. Except that, lately, that optimism has been shot and left gasping for any shred of humanity to mend its little soul.

So, I searched out some hope and good and here's what I found...

because I'm a believer in love at first sight (it worked for me)

(see Sophie Blackall's prints here)

This blog (thanks for the heads up, Jen)...

The hubs -> who is logical and rational when I become too emotional
(photo by Kiel Rucker for his series I Shoot Artists)

Glowing lanterns open up my peaceful place

(photo by one of my favorites, Irene Suchocki)

and Mars the dog. Even though he's currently feverishly attacking a pebble he discovered in the yard, barks when his toy comes within 7 feet of a chord, takes over our bed at night and loves to eat old expensive books (leather bound variety with ancient glue in the binding), he still brings me such love and hope that one day all humanity can exist like a pack of dogs all blissed out running on the beach together.
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