New things...

I am in deep deep love with these installations by Su Blackwell. Uplifting. Swoon inducing. Can't-wrap-my-mind-around-their-very-existence-and-so-I'm-in-a-collision-with-smitten kind of stunning beauty.

And this site is equally as amazing... an artist collaborative movement that I'm way behind on: Sketch Theater. Check out Baby Tattooville Art Jam 2009 here. The time lapse video will keep your mind still with creative energy (I know, that makes no sense- but just watch it and you'll see what I'm getting at.)

Enjoy a great weekend. The sun finally came out this morning after a week of downpours (and freak tornadoes?????!!!) which is all very unlike Santa Barbara- but a good change for a while, at any rate.
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