Quote of the Year/ Word of the Year 2010

Here it is.  I'm diving in and just making a go of it and I love that I'm willing to do this.  Last year was one of go go go... I took so many risks and didn't even realize it until just now.  That's a pretty flipping wonderful thing: To take risks without being so much as phased by it.

So unlike me too.  I'm a cautious person.  Not to say that I've fully relinguished that part of me (I think it's still necessary to keep me out of some trouble), but I'm moving forward- and this feels like something I have yet to find words for.  But good.  Good words, good feelings.

So my quote of the year is this:  Fortune Favors the Bold.  And to type this, to say this out loud, to dream about it... all of it feels exactly right. 

Now my word of the year is this:  Calm.  Seriously.  On the surface, it doesn't seem like the quote and the word really go together, but I'm hopeful that they can.  There's a thread going around on various blogs asking what everyone's word of the year is.  Calm popped in my head right away.  And it stuck.  Can't shake it.  Even when I try for a more interesting or fascinating or profound word... nope... Calm planted itself firmly (but calmly) in my head and my heart and my belly and even in my toes.  So Calm it is.

So maybe it's this:  Fortune favors the bold, yes.  But it's that sense of calm- an ease in motion and the day to day, a breath in between and through the chaos and disturbances and uncertainties- that help to achieve a more grounded and peaceful boldness.

And Fortune?  Well, that's all a matter of what you hold dear.
I might have this covered already, afterall.

(photos by Memrie Mare and Irene Suchocki)
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