Things I've learned from 2009:
* Create with fearlessness. 
* Putting myself down does NOT lift another up.  And if it does, that's messed up. 
* Say "Yes!" to all opportunities, with no reservations, that come my way.  This has, so far, worked in my favor.
* Tea and a good book is still the best anecdote for good living... that and a hoard of materials for me to make things with.
* Good solid friendships are hard to come by, but when they do come around, they are the best thing ever.  Ever.

Things I want to BE  in 2010:
* Self aware, but not self conscious.
* Non-judgmental
* Expansive
* Calm

Things I want to DO in 2010:
* Stall no more
* Be fearless.
* Have a wonderful photographer (Kiel Rucker) unleash the color and dynamic clustering of my designs
* Be abundant.
* Continue to adore my beautifully artistic and logical and ever rational husband and lovable dog.  They make my life real and authentic.

I look forward to THIS in 2010:
* New and refreshing and revitalizing jewelry and hair adornment designs
* Working on a side project with Waxing Poetic... Such a wonderful company, with gifted people and stunning designs.  Who knew I'd be a freelance blog writer?! (<~ see third one down in Things I've Learned...)
* Expanding my business through branding
* The many opportunities to find my calm...

Enjoy a beautiful and expressive 2010♥
(photo by Courage My Love)

P.S.  Joanna, you are the winner of the December giveaway with ,"Better days ahead".  Contact me (info@ciaraobscura.com) to receive your gift...
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