I am thankful... there are no two ways around this fact.  Even on days when I am stuck and pissed off and going to the negative more than I should and recounting things I really shouldn't, I do my very best to replace those times with this sort of goodness:
* Bowls and mason jars filled with vintage buttons*
* True unapologetic supportive passionate love*
* The pink camellias blooming outside my window*
* David Bowie, Regina Spektor, Nick Drake, Benny Goodman, and The Cure*
* Ribbon... French Blue and Plum*
* An amazing and fulfilling career*
* Striped above the knee socks*
* A snoring puppy dog's head at my feet*
* Little teeny canvases on which to paint*
* A father who has been an unwavering, constant support*
* Inspiring friends*
* Road trips with perfect music to stare out the window to*
* A home filled with art *
* A family that- unwittingly- offers me insight into myself *
* Paper Lanterns*
* Fresh lavender from the farmers' market*
* Lessons learned (once and for all... for now)*
* Oh and vanilla lattes*
*And chocolate*
*And big solid warm hugs*
*Did I mention tea with honey?*

The loveliness of these photos above are by Champignons and Irene Suchocki
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