Things that make me happy... Installment One:

I amuse a little too easily. It doesn't take much to make me happy... seriously. I'm easy prey for a lazy good Samaritan.
I'm starting this new thing in my blog and it's this: randomly post bits of happiness inducers.
I begin here.

Harold and Maude. This movie is extraordinary. I'm a big fan of the following scenes: the parade after the funeral, the scene with the two of them in the field of daisies, the saving of the tree sequence, when Maude sneezes at the burial... oh who am I kidding... I love every millisecond of this masterpiece of perfection. Also- how cool is this movie poster?!

Breakfast Nooks. Actually, I love nooks of any sort. But breakfast nooks not only beg me to get up early and enjoy the special early morning nook time, they also bring a small clustering of loved ones together. You have no choice but to be happy here.

Papaya art. I've mentioned this company before, but the artist behind this beauty, Anahata Katkin, creates just lovely bits of eye candy.

Magnum P.I. I don't think I even need to say more. It's the real deal right here.

Rainbow Sprinkles. I know where to go when I'm feeling like crap... and it's to my 3.5 gallon vat of rainbow sprinkles. Also good with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge.

This was fun.
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