NEED this.

Can you STAND this?!!!! I have my friend, Jen, to thank for the discovery of this gypsy caravans collection. Anytime my mind goes to settle inside the dull and void, I sneak a quick fix off these photos and feel giddy in my belly. Instant happiness. I imagine myself kickin' back sipping some mint tea and honey in a mismatched tea cup and a few cookies on the saucer, spread out crap loads of canvas and paint and inks and old magazines and fabric and ModPodge and maybe buttons or something and listening to a mix of Devotchka, Nick Drake, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Built to Spill and, say, The Pixies. I'm also wearing my bare feet instead of my big clunker shoes and a little pink and ivory sundress with a fancified stick in my hair. Also chocolate... a dark chocolate and caramel stash in a few of the trinket boxes. Sebastian is out in the garden and Mars is passed out in the sunshine.
See? Instant happiness.
A series of jewelry and hair adornments that are inspired by this wave of gypsy bliss is soon be be launched in my Fall/Winter collection. Cannot freaking wait.
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