Into the Weekend

gorgeous vintage blue shoes

What are you up to this weekend? I've got way too much going on, so it'll be a matter of pacing myself so I'm not tired out come Monday morning's start to a new work week.  I've also been gathering and donating clothes and excess stuff from my home.  Needing this clearing out in a really big way.
But I sent out sample designs to kick the S/S 2015 line into production, so I'm feeling giddy about that.  It's been a loooooong process.  The trick is to ride the movement of the process without creating resistance and without freaking out that things aren't playing out according to initial plans.  I'm glad I waited it out, though.  These final designs are much tighter and lovelier than what I started with, so there's that.  Can't wait to show you as they are developed (... here's a peek over on my instagram)

In the meantime, some great links gathered from around the web...

Such a lovely neutral tone room 

Dying Simpson's co-creator is dedicating his last days to donating his entire fortune to animals and children (how beautiful).


Neat soap dishes

What colorful building blocks...

Paris seen through stained glass

Yes. This.

Enjoy a fun weekend, friends.

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