Into the Weekend

flower bouquet in mason jar

I cut myself off from social media this week (minus this blog; it's a good outlet so it stays in near daily rotation).  No Facebook, no Instagram (yes Pinterest) Do you know that feeling when you're compelled to document life as you're living it and then it begins to lose a bit of its charm because you're not fully in it?  Just me?  I've always been conscious of staying more connected to the people around me and the necessity for actual alone time than keeping my eyes scanning social media.  But I think I hit my personal limit and so I decided to scale back some and explore other parts of my life outside of anything related to technology. 

This weekend I'm spending time with friends, then prepping for a style shoot on Monday and finishing off a few custom bridal adornments.  I also hope to clear out any clutter from my home and then rework my style + color board in my office.  What are you up to?

For now, some fun links gathered from around the web...

New home trend... shipping container houses!

Spot the dog (pretty cute).

Famous Cape Cod flower cottages up for sale.  I spent a nice chunk of my childhood in this area and it makes me feel really (really) nostalgic.

This twice baked spaghetti squash looks delicious.

Love these topics of conversation napkins.  

I agree.

Enjoy a good weekend, friends.  Next week I'll be introducing a couple new blog features.  Stay tuned...

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