Into the Weekend (belated)

In another embarrassing display of procrastination, welcome to the weekend edition.  It's Sunday morning.  A tiny Autumn crisp in the air, but since it's Santa Barbara there's also a wave of Summer that's still sticking around.  I'm craving all things Fall, are you?  This will inevitably lead to an onslaught of season specific posts this coming week, so you have been warned.

This life of mine has been occupied with trying to nail down production deadlines for the S/S 2015 line.  (This process has taken forever, but I'm so hopeful it'll all be worth it.  Fingers crossed, friends!).  I've also been planning a Style shoot which I think will be fun and extra pretty.  But mostly, I have houseplants on the mind- which have been a rather lovely distraction from the outside world.
How about you?  Anything exciting going on?  I'd love to hear! 

Now for you... fun links gathered from around the interwebs...

I like to call these modular party sofas.  That pink one has "chillin" written all over it.

The easiest indoor plants.

I guess this would be the epitome of glamping.

Salted caramel s'mores. (you're very welcome)

Such a pretty stairwell gallery wall.

Oh my.

Enjoy a relaxing rest of your weekend, friends.

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