Happy Halloween!

heirloom pumpkins

Happy Halloween, y'all!  What are you doing tonight?  Anything?  It's the perfect overcast weather for the holiday (very rare here in Santa Barbara).  Makes me feel incredibly nostalgic for my New England childhood this time of year.  Sigh (sigh...)
BUT... I'll be spending the afternoon hunting down a gift for my friend whose birthday is today.  We'll all be going out for pizza tonight, as per his request.  And I'm expecting an over full, nearly nauseous belly because I don't know how to stop eating pizza.  I'll probably also shove my face with Halloween candy, pass out, and call it a night.  Halloween for the win!

For you, some fun links gathered from around the web...

This sofa. (holy god.)

New York City, 1953

What really makes a good story...

NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, my latest compulsive viewing.

This very sexy dress.

This may or may not be true, but I'm gonna try it out just in case.

Have a fun weekend, friends!

[ heirloom pumpkins via 100 layer cake ]
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