Into the Weekend

bouquet of flowers

This weekend I'm shying away from too much socializing so I can get things done that need to get done but that I've been procrastinating about for five million reasons or another.  I've got an overly ambitious list, so we'll see how that works out.  Wish me luck.
But... I'll have a coffee break with friends and a stroll with the dog to keep me connected to the outside world; because if there's anything I've learned about myself living on my own in single-hood, it's that I love my alone time but feel most balanced when I have visits with friends. 

For you, some links gathered this week from around the interwebs...

What's wrong with marriages in movies (and another reason why I think Seth Rogen is a great guy).

Pop-up restaurant in Denmark

Love in motion (pretty cool)

Oh cats... 
But then, oh dogs...

Beer brownies!

It sure does.  (and my gosh, does it ever.)

Have a good weekend, friends.

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