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tea in bed

I've got the flu.  But I'm pretty sure three quarters of the world around me also has the flu, or some variation of it, so this is not exciting news by any stretch.  I've been camping out in bed.  I've been trying to fool myself into thinking I'm better.  I make my way out into the world.  I relapse.  I camp out in bed.  I wander around my tiny home, hot tea with honey in hand, standing in front of open windows letting the fresh breeze pull any yuck from my body and out into the air to dissipate.  I want to start fresh but my mind and body have felt immobilized (my big word lately) so I wait.

And then it came... a download of fresh ideas and clarity.  Do you know what this means?  It means I'm no longer feeling immobilized and, I can't express this enough, it's a good feeling.  Really really good.  It also means that the launch of my next lines will be pushed back but I'm fine with that and I hope when they're out in the world you'll love them as much as I do in this moment.

In the meantime, I'll be working out the kinks and living life the way it was intended... inside now with an openness to the unfolding of what's to come.  Trusting has historically not been my strongest virtue but now's as good a time as any to begin doing just that.  For now, for you...

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You won't often find me celebrity-obsessed.  But there are a few who I respect.  I think Robin Williams was a kind man with a gentle heart and the world is a better, more profound place for it.  His startling insights will always inspire me, and I hope you too... 

Enjoy a restful Sunday, friends.

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