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elizabeth messina photography

I'll share this excerpt from what I wrote earlier today on Instagram because it best describes how I feel about the image above, and really every photograph in this series:
"Another in a series with Elizabeth Messina. I showed her my favorite picture of my mother and she integrated it into the photoshoot. And I'm so glad she thought of this too because, even after the 1000th time I stare at this image, I still tear up. My family has shared how similar my mother and I are; and if only I could be a tiny bit like her I will have done something right in my life. She was so funny and so loving and I'll forever feel thankful for the few years I did have with her. Thank you, again and again, Elizabeth. This is quite a gift. And to all... I hope you really love the people you love, and really live the life you live..."

elizabeth messina photography
elizabeth messina photography
Those antique tea cups were from my mother's side of the family.  I think they're divine (I don't think I've ever used that word to describe anything; so there's a first.)

Happy weekend ahead... I'll be heading down to the Primer Nationals in Ventura on Saturday afternoon and will be keeping an eye out for a light blue '57 t bird... my mom's first car.

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