Style 16 / Hula Hoop!

hula hoop - colorful

So here's something... I love the hula hoop but (and here's something else...) I'm not nearly as exceptional at it as I should be given the amount of times I've tried it.  Really I just kind of fall right below average and I don't imagine I'll improve much, but the fun... oh my gosh, the fun!  Myriah snapped some shots while I embarrassed myself, all the while hoping the colorful outfit distracted enough to make me look like a hula hoop champ.

Nailed it.

hula hoop - colorful

See?  It was like this last photo half the time.  Though being the optimist I am, the other half of the time was smooth and I was off in dreamland.  Also I got some exercise, so there's that.

I'll be back tomorrow with a weekend wrap up...

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