Pop-Up Shop + Garden Party

This happened today.  A sweet gathering of some of my very favorite people for a vintage pop-up shop and garden party.  All the beautiful pieces you see are from Poppyfrock Vintage.  Man, does she have an eye for the good stuff.

Don't get me going on how much I love baby Leo.  What a darling... (his mom, Nancy, is a keeper too.)

This picture came out blurry, but it stays because I adore every single one of the people in it.

I caught a lucky break when Erin started modeling my collections... I think her family is my long lost tribe from a past life.  I could laugh with them incessantly.

And then Deja of Poppyfrock, me, and the ominous Matt who worked his butt off for us and charmed the ladies all afternoon.

And, yes, a bubble gum machine...

A good day.

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