Into the Weekend

Ah, what a week.  What a week!  I've been off blog duty mainly because I've let myself get bombarded with way too many projects all at once.  I'm not sure how I've managed to keep my brain functioning without it short circuiting from going back and forth and in between multiple things that have little in common except for being a hodgepodge of creativity and design.  But still... I'm needing a breather, so I'm taking the rest of this day and night off.  

Next week, I'll be sharing a whole bunch of stuff that's been going on behind the scenes and more cool things I've come across, here and there.  In the meantime, some fun links for you...

What if we all acted like we were in the World Cup? (pretty funny)

I really like this chair design.

I could kick back here with a cocktail or two for a very very long time.

Well I've got the last two covered anyway...

Happy weekend, friends.

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