For Your Monday

I spent all last night forgetting what day today is.  For the life of me, I kept switching from Thursday to Saturday, to...yes, finally... Monday.  I take this as a sign to quit spreading my life into so many areas.  It's been hard to keep track of where I'm going next... which makes for never a dull day or night but also begs me to focus in on, maybe even, just three things total both socially and professionally.  But since so much of my life revolves around the inter-play of one with the other, it's been a tricky feat.  And much like all else in my life these days, I'm learning.

So this is just a reminder that I'll manage and I've got things covered; and so do you.  Because, seriously, compared to what so many people around the world have to cope with on a day-to-day basis... my stuff is nothing.  Trivial.  Silly. 


[you've got this]
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