Into the Weekend

I had a great great week (my boudoir photoshoot with Elizabeth Messina would be the the highlight... oh my god! I'll be sure to share photos from that when they're ready...) but now I'm spent.  Last night I met up with a couple lovely friends and we kicked some butt in a self-defense class.  Then I planned on ending the night by seeing my friends' band play, but feeling like I needed to take a nap on my way there told me I should probably head home and relax.  So I made a bowl of pasta, nestled into my couch, and watched netflix until I fell asleep with a cookie in my hand... like a three year old.  Perfect.

I'm about to take Mars the Dog out for his afternoon stroll on this beautiful Summer day and will have my neighbors over tonight for some beer and wine.  Should be fun.

In the meantime, some fun links for you...

A Cocoon swing... geez, yes.

Parallel parking fail.

I want this bathing suit so bad.

One of my favorite bands to see live... and one of my favorite songs by them.

I love this so much.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

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